Stone Fast Facts

What is StoneWorks?

StoneWorks system are engineered products designed to bring to life the aesthetics of natural stone in a variety of architectural applications. The products are lightweight (8 to 12 lbs per square foot) and are molded into many shapes and colors using a proprietary production process.

How are StoneWorks products made?

StoneWorks products are created using a proprietary molding process to produce a virtually indistinguishable replica of carefully selected natural stone drawn from around North America. Each stone contains a unique blend of iron oxide pigments, Portland cement, lightweight aggregate and other additives. The combination of these ingredients along with state-of-the-art manufacturing creates our industry leading product line.

Will StoneWorks products retain their color?

All of our StoneWorks products utilize naturally occurring iron oxide pigments which offer superior protection against fading and weathering over time – even under the harshest weather conditions. As a result, you can expect your StoneWorks to retain its natural beauty over the long-term when installed and maintained per manufacturers guidelines.

Are Our StoneWorks products guaranteed?

Yes, we stand behind all of our StoneWorks products by offering an industry leading product warranty of a full 50 years. Be sure to ask our representative for full details.

Will StoneWorks products pass building code inspections?

Our products have been tested by independent licensed laboratories and classified as noncombustible and fire-retardant. Water absorption is extremely low, and tests have shown our products to be of superior strength and durability.

How costly are StoneWorks products?

StoneWorks products are an economical building material to apply. No extra footings, special foundations or wall ties are needed because of its light weight. Our Stone Veneer adheres quickly and cuts labor and material costs substantially.