Finishing the upgrade

High quality shingles are one of the best long-term upgrades for your home, but only they are installed properly. Other companies may offer the same excellent CertainTeed products, but they may try and cut costs by “re-roofing” or installing the new shingles on top of the current roof. At Unicorp, we don’t take shortcuts with our customers’ homes. We always entirely remove the old roof system, including replacing any rotten wood, before we install a new roof. During the entire roof installation process, our roofing foreman is on site to assist our customers and answer any questions they may have.


The Process

We go to great lengths to make sure the roofing installation process makes the smallest disturbance possible. We have procedures in place for before, during, and after the installation, to minimize the effect of the job site on your property.

The first step to our installation is to tear-off the old roof system, down to the decking. Then, our crews carefully inspect the decking to make sure that none of the wood is damaged or rotting. After any necessary wood replacements are performed, the crew installs the DiamondDeck underlayment to add another layer of protection to your roof. The crew then applies flashing to the joints of the roof, to protect against water seeping between shingles. Finally, the crew installs the new shingles, completing the upgrade and sealing your home from the elements. Once the job is completed, the crew cleans up the site, including doing a final pass of the property with magnetic sweeps to pick up any hardware that may have fallen.


RoofRunner Underlayment

RoofRunner™ is a lightweight, synthetic polymer-based underlayment that outperforms felt and outclasses other synthetics.  Designed for use on roof decks as a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt roofing shingles, this scrim-reinforced underlayment includes a special top surface treatment that provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.  It's large roll size - 4 feet wide x 250 feet long - helps speed application.